A Troll’s Fairy Tale

Will Acacia be able to break out of her shell and find her true love? A fairy tale love story for a troll is a very strange thing indeed, because who could ever truly love a troll?

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Another Otome Diary


This is just a light hearted story with a silly bad ending and happy good endings. This is truly just a fluffy love story about a fairy tale troll and not the internet trolls. I just wanted to make sure there was no confusion. I’m sure there would be people interested in a story like that but this isn’t that story ^^;
Art: S-morishita
Coding: S-morishita
Writing: S-morishita
Proofreaders: KissofDeath *On Lemmasoft Forum* and Cara Hillstock
Music by: FairyTale, Olga Scotland ,Stefano Targa, Galdson, GreendJohn, Butterfly.

About Play-through:

Genre: Comedy/Drama/Romance
Rated: T
Time: About an hour and a half I’m not quite sure.
Number of Routes: 2
Endings: 3
(2 Good endings 1 Bad ending)
Helpful pointers:
I will suggest that you follow Damine’s path first then Edavine in order to get the whole feel of the story. Damien is the Unicorn prince and Edavine is the fairy.
If you don’t want to do that then don’t say that I didn’t warn you because you might be missing out.

Music Soundtrack :

Sad Acacia-

Fairy Forest-
Moon waltz-FairyTale

Sitting by the Oak Tree/-Damine’s route-
Princess of my heart-FairyTale

Meet and Greet- 
Olga Scotland – New Year Evening

Date with Damien-
letter from my heart-Stefano Targa

Ending Piano song-
Sea heart-Galdson

Confession ending Song- 
Last Breath- by GreendJohn

Beginning of the game song-
Dawn of Spring-Butterfly

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