What is an Otome Game

Otome games are a genre of Visual novels or interactive visual stories who’s target audience and main lead tends to be female centric.

It doesn’t NEED to have a kiss scene or have multiple love interest or even multiple choices.

As long as it’s target audience is female centric then it’s an Otome Game (but this is mostly my perspective~ others might say otherwise~)

A Troll’s Fairy Tale

A Troll’s Fairy Tale is my OEVLN (or original english visual novel) Otome games that I created during Nanoreno 30 Day challenge~

A Troll’s Fairy Tale

With Otome Games even though the majority is romance based that doesn’t necessarily mean that an Otome Game only has to have romance centered stories.

For example Curse of the Carribbean is a Otome Game visual novel that I did for Nanoreno but the genre isn’t romance but drama, adventure comedy focused.

Curse of the Caribbean

There is no on screen kiss between the characters, nor are there multiple love interest neither but it’s still an Otome game because the main lead is female.

Curse of the Caribbean

So if you’re wanting to make your own Otomoe game but you’re worried to classify it as an Otome game because it doesn’t have multiple love interest, or kiss scenes or even if it doesn’t have multiple choices don’t worry, it can still be an Otome game….at least in my eyes.

Curse of the Caribbean

Sometimes classifications of visual novels and Otome Games can change depending on others definition since there isn’t really a hard and fast answer to this subjective question but just go with what fits best with you and makes you happy!

Don’t beat yourself up too much if it doesn’t fit other peoples standards of views of what is an Otome Game, there’s no law that you’re breaking and you’re not hurting anyone (at least I hope not Q^Q;)

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