S.K.Y. Art and Designs is a Graphic Design Division of S.K.Y. Enterprise and it is also Affiliated with S-Morishita’s Studio which is a Comic Development and Art Resource blog.


Name: Sharean Morishita (aka S-morishita)

DOB: 05/15/1988

Gender: Female

Occupation: I am a married, stay at home mother of three who draws comics for a living.

Personal Quote: I’ve got to be me.

My Church and My Belief: Christ Apostolic Temple

S.K.Y. Stands for the first letters of me and my two sisters middle name and when ever we did things together on the creative side we always associated S.K.Y. with it. So for my first two visual novel games I have the S.K.Y. logo that I made as the beginning game animation. Sky-artdesigns is the Graphic design and Game Development division of S.K.Y. Enterprise.