Nanoreno 2013 Progress report 2

With only 5 day’s left until Nanoreno is over I currently have all the sprite images rough draft *I will inculde those pictuer’s below ^^*, the script is full finished and now I plan on working on the cg’s and the rest of the backgrounds. To make sure that I get everything done in time my plan is just to do 3 cg events per path. So for instance I will do the first meeting cg, then the special event cg and then the happy ending cg. If I have more time I will include a few more special cg’s. I plan on doing 3 rough drafts today then three more tomorrow and since I don’t have any comic work to worry about right now I’ll be able to put full focus on my cg’s…that is until my children start acting up =___=

Here is the statistic’s for the story from the wip post over in lemma soft forum:


The game contains 3,971 dialogue blocks, containing 66,013 words and 336,272
characters, for an average of 16.6 words and 85 characters per block.

The game contains 3 menus, 33 images, and 20 screens.


I’m not the best at GUI’s so please bare with me; I just hope that the GUI won’t distract you to much from the story and if it does…that’s unfortunate but thank you for trying to read it either way