A Troll’s Fairy Tale Polished Version finished


I finally have the polished version of “A Troll’s Fairy Tale” finished and uploaded. It took me a while to get the rest of the cg’s finished and battle through the codes and I just want to add how much I appreciate all the help that I received with proofreading the files. Thank you again so much Cara and Narah! You’ve truly been such a big help to me <3

Here are the new download versions below:

Mac Version

Windows Version

Linux Version

Now that A Troll’s Fairy Tale is done, I plan on getting started on finishing up my next project. For now I’ll probably bounce back and forth from Curse of the Caribbean and School Memories. I’m still contemplating on whether I should turn  Curse of the Caribbean into a commercial game or just keep it as a free game. Since some of the music that I use for this story doesn’t have a way for me to buy a commercial license for it, it looks like I might have to keep Curse of the Caribbean as a free game and work on a different game for my first commercial release game. I already have a few idea’s on the back burner for a commercial game.

Also since a lot of my updates that I might do will be some what short or just mainly updates about word count or however many graphics I have finished, I decided to go ahead and open up a tumblr for this site. There I will post 4-panel comics called Otome Diary and those comics will basically cover my thoughts and experience in dealing with or playing otome visual novels or any other game ^^.


S.K.Y. Art and Design Tumblr


Here is the first entry that I made for that comic. I’ll try to keep the updates for that as frequent as possible ^^;

tumblr_inline_mp2ad61LGk1qz4rgpAnd again I just want to thank everyone for you’re patience with me and for your amazing encouragement! Simply because of that I want to continue making a mixture of free and commercial games ^^ Anywhoo pop on over to the official tumblr for more updates or stop by here again for the bigger more official updates.

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