A Troll’s Fairy Tale *Finished*


Edit: Oh my goodness! Ran was so kind to do such a kind review of my visual novel, you can go ahead and read up on it by following the link over at her website here: A Twist in time-Ran’s Review
Thank you so much Ran!! ;^;

*EDIT Again*: I was just contacted through lemmasoft and was happy to see that someone else kindly reviewed my game A Troll’s Fairy Tale! Here’s their blog where you can read the review:  Another Otome Diary
Thank you so much for taking your time out to review my game Apoeticalfriday!!! Q^Q I’m so happy that they’re such nice reviews too~

Whelp…..What can I say….YAYYYYYYY!!!!

I am so extremely happy and tried and relieved right now. To finally have finished this ridiculous challenge =_= Even in the middle of the end of all my work I started getting mad at myself for even doing this because I started to doubt that anyone would even like the story as much as Narah and I liked it. I’m sure a lot of my anger and frustration was coming from the lack of sleep and also the lack of me being able to spend time with my family.

During this whole time a lot of things kept popping up, we had a death in the family then more family drama on top of that and then later on I found out that the headaches that I was constantly having each day wasn’t normal and I’ve been diagnosed with migraines so I’ve had to work through pain, stress and tears to try to get everything done.
Now I know that I could have just stopped and took a breather but the world doesn’t pause just because you might be going through and end the end when everything is normal again I will be kicking myself for not having tried to get everything finished and with the way I am doing art helps me to keep my mind off the chaos around me and other times it doesn’t but this time around it really helped me not to think to much about my aunt that passed away and the family drama….but now that all  my work is done I can already feel myself getting emotional…..Anyways I guess right now the best thing to do is just talk more about the story and not the drama that happened while I worked on the story huh? ^^;


So with the story I wasn’t sure how many words are too many or too little so I just typed until I was satisfied with the length of the story and here are the statistics of the end results:


The game contains 3,435 dialogue blocks, containing 55,982 words and 285,567
characters, for an average of 16.3 words and 83 characters per block.

The game contains 3 menus, 105 images, and 17 screens.

After talking with Narah she told me that the number was actually pretty high; I guess that would explain the pain in my fingers and arm ^^; Anyhoo I was able to find the music easy enough since I already a pretty good idea of the style that I wanted and before I forget I should contact the author that really helped inspired me for my story. She’s from Wattpad and you can find her story that really helped open my eye’s over at this link : Jane Inkspill

I’m not sure if anyone has noticed but there is a secret meaning behind Acacia’s name. Can any of you guess? After I get some much needed rest then I will go ahead and start working on some extra cg’s that I wanted to add but ran out of time. I have 2 other cg’s per path waiting to be colored in but I’m tired and I’m sure a lot of you are tired of waiting so I hope you will still be able to enjoy it with the one cg’s for now!

Just as a side note, for those of you who might make suggestions to add an image gallery and such I sincerely ask you to hold off for a little while before making suggestions like me adding more to something or changing something. I really need to recharge and a lot has happened that I need to deal that I held off from dealing with while working on this so just give me a teeny-tinny, itty-bitty, more time….if that makes any sense @-@ I’m so tired right now I’m not quite sure how I’m even typing this post ^^;

Go ahead and look at the menu above and you can find it under the game section.

or if you don’t want to then feel free to download the links below.

*Window and Mac links are added. I’m still working on the all version.*

Mac Version

Windows Version

Linux Version


Here is the poll for those of you who have finished reading through the story. It ends in June and I plan on adding a special end scene to reveal the winners of the poll ^^ So please vote for those who are interested:

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