A Troll’s Fairy Tale Walkthrough

 photo title_zpsb91226ae.pngI didn’t realize that so many people were having some issues getting certain path orders so here is a walkthrough for those that would like to follow the story in the intended path order: First Damine then Edavine.

Damine’s Path:

First choice- There’s no time for that just ignore her.
Second choice– Go ahead and stay and just ignore them.
Third choice- The spot by the pond should be quiet enough



Edavine’s Path:

First choice– Grab something around to wrap your hair up quick.
Second choice– Get up and leave.
Third choice-Sitting by the faerie’s oak trees might be nice.

Also as a side note for those who might be curious as to why Edavine has more CG’s then Damine. I held about a three month long popularity poll and Edavine won the poll by a land slide and Acacia and Damine tied so Edavine won the choice of having more cg’s since he was more popular with the majority of people that voted in the poll. To those that are fan’s of Damine I apologizes for that but I’m greatful that you enjoy my story so much to be a little upset about the amount of cg’s for him <3

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