Livestream and Progress Report

I’ve been pretty swamped with work but I decided to share with you all my livestream of me working on the last batch of CG illustrations for A Troll’s Fairy Tale. If you’re interested then feel free to stop by but I want to warn you that if you haven’t played through the story then this will be kind of a spoiler for you since I’m working on the CG event’s but it shouldn’t be too bad ^^


Watch live streaming video from smorishitastudio at livestream.com

Now on to the progress report, I’ve decided to cut back on a few of the extra content idea’s that I had in mind for A Troll’s Fairy Tale. The reason why is because I had to look back at my priorities and right now I didn’t think it would be a very good use of time to add extra content to a free game and instead I would rather put more of my energy on improving my writing and work on getting my other two free games finished.

I already have a few new commercial games in mind. I don’t want to give out to much information on that because again this is a one woman team and since I’m doing all this work, with the help of volunteer proofreaders, releasing a game without any flaws in the grammar will take me a little longer because for some reason I seem to have a difficult time wrapping my mind around all the rules and formats grammar and the English language as a whole. So in the midst of me working on the story I will also be doing research and studying to help me improve my writing along the way.

With that said I will only have about 4 new cg’s for Edavine’s Gallery and two new CG’s for Damine’s gallery. The coding and such is all finished and these illustrations along with a Thank you illustration is all that is left before I update the files with the new polished version of the game. Again Thank you everyone for your kind words and encouragement for my game. It really helps me keep trucking forward ^^


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