Otome Game updates

Oh my goodness! You guys, I don’t think I really have words to express my shock and gratitude by how much traffic is continually coming to this site, even though I’m at a stage of the game where I can’t show much of an update for the game since I’m typing out the script and hammering out the coding. For now here is the lint report of School Memoires so far:

The game contains 254 dialogue blocks, containing 3,374 words and 16,938
characters, for an average of 13.3 words and 67 characters per block.

The game contains 2 menus, 52 images, and 14 screens.

So with that being shown, I’m sort of at a weird stage with the writing for this particular story. I’ve been doing some studying and reading up on different writing materials to help improve my writing and get it to a place where it’s more of the show then tell but I have to admit that the transition is a little difficult for me. Since I don’t really have an English teacher to go to so that I can ask questions, I’m sort of winging it all with the information that I find online. Of course I am coming across some articles that tell me to simplify and condense everything but then another article is saying, break things down and open up the story so that the readers can see it instead of you just telling it……ヽ(ー_ー ) it’s like I’m back in high school all over again.

Right now I’m still rolling with the tide trying to find my own style of writing, it took me a few trial and errors to finally settle on a particular drawing style, which might get a few updated tweaks here and there, but I’m sure that the more I continue to write then the more I will find the style that fits my taste the best.

Once I finish up School Memories I do have a few things that I want to talk about with Curse of the Caribbean and would be more than happy to hear some of your opinions on this. I want to get these two games out of the back burner so that I can move on to newer games in the future. I’ll keep everyone posted about that <3 also I don’t believe that I posted up the re-touched up sprites of the cast of School Memories. I’ll update the game page for it but since I drew these sprites a little over a year or two ago, I only touched up a few things but a lot of other images will just stay the same. I don’t plan on re-doing the backgrounds so the resolution will be at the 800 or so , that was what I first created it at since I was still new to renpy and such. If you’d like to keep up with my more current updates then feel free to stop by my tumblr website, where I’ll post teasers of the cg’s and other artwork that might be to insignificant to post a whole blog post about it.


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