Progress Update fo A Troll’s Fairy Tale


Currently where I am standing with the re-proofread version of A Troll’s Fairy Tale is that the one who had sent me a PM offering to help has some what disappeared. I’ve tired contacting the new proofreader in hopes to spark up some line of communication but I haven’t heard word back and though I am concerned about their physical well being, I’m a mother with three kids so I worry if someone gets hurt, I can’t keep trying to reach out and grab hold of air so for now I’m going to have to shake the dust off my feet and move on to plan B *If you’re reading this I hope you are doing okay and I hope you got my email’s okay and I do understand if you no longer want to work on proofreading the rest of the project ^^ We all have lives so no worries over here*

Also Thank you so much Narah for helping me proofread all those files during Nanoreno! I’m sure you lost a lot of sleep working up late on that but I appreciate it so much!! You are awesome and you kept in constant contact with me through the whole process Q^Q Thank you! Also Cara~ XD Don’t you think I’ve forgotten about you! You’re like the ORIGINAL! *lol* You helped me so much with Curse of the Caribbean and your writing skills are so amazing that I’m really not doing you any justice by just saying that it’s amazing because I really do enjoy your writing style. I’m very picking with certain stories that I read because they have to be written a certain way and I really enjoy the way you write and you really helped me so much with proofreading and taught me a lot while editing the script of Curse of the Caribbean TT^TT For anyone that might be looking for two very professional people who keep in contact during the work process feel free to send these two ladies an email. They are hard workers, greater writers and I would be more than happy to work with both of them again in future projects. Here is Cara’s website and Narah doesn’t have a website but she is on Lemmasoft so just shoot her a PM

Now plan B is…….Try proofreading the story over again by myself. I don’t want to keep having to ask others to help me with something simple like spelling and finding typo’s and I do end up feeling bad that I take up other people’s times to do that so for now the plan is to try to catch all the rest of the errors on my own and upload with a few new cg’s afterwards ^^

Now for the extra content section. I won’t be releasing that version of the game until mid-June or some time after the poll ends in June because I’ll have to draw and code up some of the surprise content for that part so don’t expect to see the Extra section until then.

Next Projects:

The next project that I have in mind to go ahead and finish up is going to be one of my much shorter Visual novels; School Memories.

This story is based off of a real life event and since a majority of the background and music is already finished for it plus the sprites, I figured this would be the best one to go ahead and finish up next. I do plan on touching up the three main characters sprites but everyone’s going to only have one pose. I’ve decided for my Free games I will just be doing one pose. For the commercial games that I plan on releasing in the future those one will have multiple poses plus more CG’s then the normal freeware games but anyways School Memories is going to be the next project to finish. Their will only be about 2 different endings 1 good and 1 bad and it’s not much of a romance story but more of a friendship fluffy story. I hope everyone will be able to enjoy this old fond memory of mine, it was during such a weird time in my life; Even though I was at the school for over a year everyone still called me the new girl O.o; I kept to myself because…well I just moved out from a town that I lived at for a good chunk of my childhood so I was really closed off from others and had a stay away from me sort of air. Even though I was distant and anti-social and didn’t mind sitting alone in my little corner of the cafeteria while eating my cheeses bread and peanut butter cookies*Did anyone else liked to eat ketchup with their cheese bread? =D Anyone? =____= Fine…* I some how ended up in an art class…which I don’t really remember how that really happened because I remember the last art class I was in I hated it because the art teacher was horrible but some way I just couldn’t separate myself from drawing so here I was back in another art class and that’s when I met these two knuckle heads who ended up changing the rest of the school year for me.

Now after I finish up with those that story, my plan was to try my hand at raising funds to help me cover the cost to actually pay my proofreaders to work on Curse of the Caribbean and to pay for the license of the music so that I can try to sell copies of the games at conventions of for those who might be interested in having a hard copy plus an artbook then I can have that up in my online store to sell also.
Of course if the funding does fall flat then I’ll have to move on with plan C. In the future I would like to start making commercial games so right now Curse of the Caribbean would be the story that I’m going to use to help test the waters. I wanted to try my hand at using Kickstarter to help me raise funds to help cover the cost for a proofreader to go through and make sure there are no spelling or grammar mistakes or wanky word placement. I will keep it free to download online but if you’d like a actual hard-copy with extra secret content then that option will be available as well but that’s if I’m able to run a successful kickstarter ^^;

I think I’ve covered everything that I wanted to cover. I do want to say thank you to everyone who has given me such kind comments about A Trolls Fairy Tale. I’ve learned a lot with last year’s Nanoreno and I made a lot of mistakes last year as well so I’m so happy to see that I was able to avoid most of those mistakes this year and actually finish a story that a lot of you really enjoyed. Thank you again so much! It’s such kind comments like the one I’ve received that’s really helps me feel like all my time and effort was well spent <3


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