Site and work update

I’ve been so busy with a lot of different things, that I haven’t updated my main website. I’ve been keeping the shorter updates for tumblr but since I have enough to talk about (and since I don’t want to keep this site un-updated….is that a word?) so let’s go ahead and have a talk.

First off, for those who might not know or who haven’t seen my tumblr updates, I’m currently being commissioned as a background artist for a visual novel game called Autumn’s Journey. It’s for a new indie group called Apple Cider. The group consist of Kittykatstar, Deji and Nellie. The game hasn’t been released yet but I’ve already had the chance to play through the whole thing (for obvious reasons ^^) and it’s such a good story! I’m so excited for the release, so I will try my hardest to be as efficient and fast with my work. Here are two of the backgrounds that I’ve finished so far. I’ve decided to start tackling the backgrounds that have buildings in them, since there is a lot more thinking that I have to do because of shadow placement and perspective. With landscape drawings I’m able to draw them with a little more ease since I don’t have to worry to much about perspective, of course that’s just my opinion and thought process so don’t hold me to it.

A Troll’s Fairy Tale:

Now, I do have a small update about this game. Since I’ve been busy working on paid jobs, I haven’t been able to sit down and go back through the game to re-comb out any errors. Since the game was a free game and created during Nanoreno(a 30 day challenge to create a full visual novel game) I haven’t been able to put it at the top of my priority list, again for obvious reasons but thankfully I’ve had so many kind volunteer’s contact me in hopes to help with the proofreading. I’ve had a few mishaps in the past with a few disappearing on me, which is understandable because 1. this isn’t their game and they are doing this for free and 2. It’s a lot of work and again they are just helping for free. So of course I don’t have much to complain about but I’m happy to say that right now there is another kind volunteer helping me with the proofreading. Hopefully the reading isn’t to overwhelming ^^; Her name is Ren and she also has a Deviantart Page, which you can find here <3

Once the game is all re-proofread then I plan on adding a few cg’s that some people have contacted me about. Some of the feedback that I’ve received was a little sad that there wasn’t a kiss cg or a wedding cg, so for all of you fans out there that would like to see that, well I plan on drawing two new cg’s as a thank you for your kind feedback and support. I know that this game isn’t for everybody and I didn’t make this game with everybody in mind. I created something that I enjoyed and I’m so happy to see that there are others that are able to enjoy it right along with me. I know some are shocked and appalled by my mistakes in my game and can’t imagine how I could miss so many mistakes with the amount of people that I had helping me with proofreading and for that I do apologize for the mistakes but that’s the down side about being human. You will make mistakes, little ones and very big stupid ones. Only so much detail and resource can go into creating a free game so I hope that will be taken in to consideration. Either way, I do appreciate you sticking with me through all my silly mistakes and if you haven’t stuck around then that’s okay too. Thank you for stopping by and taking a glance either way ^^


New Visual Novel:

Last thing, I recently received a message on my tumblr about possibly making a sci-fi futuristic visual novel game. Right now I want to finish up my first two games that I have on hold (because of the freelance work, which I’m not complaining about because you have to go where the money is ^^;) School Memories, and Curse of the Caribbean. Right now if my funds are right then I hope to be able to release both of these games for free but if something happens then I’ll have to turn Curse of the Caribbean in to a commercial game to help cover the cost for paying someone to help do a through edit of the game to make sure all bugs and errors are removed, which by the way I already have someone in mind to hire as my editor and if she is reading this then you know that I’m talking about you *P.S. Traitor Giraffe is awesome! Lee Kwangoo soo!* but I won’t know until the first of November so I’ll keep everyone posted on that. I also know and understand the situation dealing with the complications of affording to pay for a commercial game but if you can’t buy it that’s okay. I have free games that you can play still play and I’ll try to think up of a way for everyone to be happy, or at least a large majority…..actually I did have a thought in my mind. For Curse of the Caribbean I could release a game that had a limited amount of cg’s and sprites for the free verison and for the commercial version you will of course get a large amount of cg’s a sprites with different positions and extra gallery content. Again this is just a thought so I’ll have to wait on that and cross that bridge when I get to it.

Now when I do finish up with these two games I would really love to try my hand at creating a Sci-fi, futuristic sort of game. For those big sci-fi fans don’t get your hopes up to fast because I’m not to familiar with this genre and I would like to avoid any confrontational comments on how weirdly I may handle writing about this genre. I’ll reveal more about the story idea once the rest of my work is finished but I just wanted to let everyone know about that.


I think that’s everything that I wanted to talk about ^^; I apologize if it was a little long winded. As always Thank you everyone who’s been stopping by my site and thank you so much for all of your kind comments. I might not be able to respond all the time but please rest assured that I do read them all and once I get some more down time I will do my best to respond to all the comments that I can figure out a response to say ^^; I feel a little bad just saying “Thank you” when someone leaves me such a happy comment, I tend to sit there and think while re-typing my response over and over trying to find something meaningful to say back. A lot of times I’m at a loss for words and can’t find the right one’s to describe the happy feeling that I get when I read such nice comments. I think I’m rambling now so I’ll go ahead and stop <3 Don’t forget to stop by my tumblr to see the shorter updates that I’ll have for my work.

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