Visual Novel/Comic Update

I’m sure some of you might be wondering how the progress of the visual novel is going. It’s still progressing but I’ve come to realize that figuring out dramatic cg compositions that help relay the kind of felling that I want for the certain part of the story is a little hard =.= For now I’ll go ahead and post up some of the thumbnail rough versions of a few of the cg idea’s that I do have.

I went through my list of cg idea’s and cut back on the number because I’d rather have important scene that are hard to express with words, use the cg images instead of silly pointless scenes.

Another reason why things have been so quite is because I just recently returned back from my first comic convention! Iowa comic book club hosted a one day comic convention in downtown Des Moines. Since this convention was local I decided to go ahead and gather my courage and test out the waters at a small one day convention and let me tell you……I was extremely tired when it ended. I never knew how much energy a comic convention could take out of you and this was only one day O.o

For those interested in reading the rest of my story about the comic convention and see some pictures hop on over to my main comic site *since this site is more about illustrations and game development. ^^;* WWW.S-Morishitastudio.com

Thank you everyone for your patience. Being a mother of three while working on a comic *which updates weekly for those who might be interested in reading it ;)* and doing all the art, coding and initial story creating and scripting of my visual novels *also with the help of my very talented editor/proofreader Cara ~* I have a lot to work through but I do appreciate everyone checking in and sticking with me.

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