W.I.P. Report CG edition

I’m pretty amazed at how quickly time has flown by for me and my two websites. Right now my comic site over at S-Morishitastudio.com is going on it’s 1 year anniversary and this site is not to far behind. A lot has happen within that soon to be one year and though I’ve been very busy trying to work on finishing my first comic volume, while coding websites, drawing commissioned art work, coding games, writing scripts and working on game illustrations and different layout designs, I can’t really help but to feel a little down that I haven’t been able to finish all of my projects the way I wanted to. Though my comic is soon to be ready for the printing deadline but because of my extra work with that and commission and getting sick and dealing with family issues I haven’t been able to dedicate myself to my visual novels and other games as much as I would have hoped for.

I know that because of my lack of updates for this site some of my viewers might have thought that I dropped this project but please trust me when I say that I haven’t. I am a one woman team right now so it takes me a lot longer then those who are working in a group to finish up a visual novel but I still plan on releasing the story. Also as a thank you for being so patient I went ahead and added one of my work in progress inking video’s to this post for one of the cg’s that you might encounter in the story. I don’t have the coloring video of this up because…well I thought that maybe I should leave the colored version for the visual novel so that you can enjoy that more.
*Looks like the video isn’t showing so I’ll go back and see what’s wrong with this plugin and hopefully get it to work soon*

Now on to other news. Since NaNoReNo is coming up again in March I’ve decided to go ahead and participate again this year. I’ve made a lot of mistakes my first time participating in this last year so I plan on learning from those mistakes for this year’s project. I already have a story in mind that I want to do and I need to make sure that I cut it down short enough so that I can get all the work done within that one month time frame. I know that I am already busy with a lot of other stuff right now but with me being a grown woman with three kids and paying my own bills and all I think I am free to do what I feel is best for me to do. (*´∀`*)  Yay for adulthood!~

Once March rolls around I go ahead and post up what my story idea is about for those of you who are still stopping by the site and checking up. Thank you everyone for stopping by to check up on things and I plan on posting up another update hopefully soon.  I really want to do something special for both of my sites 1 year anniversary but I’ll have to wait and see what my schedule looks like first.

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